Pickleball Rules

USAPA Skill Rating


1.0-2.0: A player who is just starting to play pickleball and has no other sports background.

2.5: A player who has limited experience and can sustain a short rally.

3.0: A player who understands fundamentals and court positioning.

3.5: A player who can acknowledge the difference between a hard game and soft game. They move

quickly to the non-volley zone. They understand when stacking may be effective.

4.0 A player who is able to identify and attack their opponents weaknesses. They are aware of their

partners position on the court and are able to move as a team.

4.5 A player who understands strategy and has good footwork. They are able to communicate and

move well with their partner.

5.0 A player who has mastered pickleball strategies. They have efficient footwork and can easily

adjust their game to their opponents strengths and weaknesses. They rarely make unforced





  • League is a Co-Rec Mixed Doubles where teams can have both men and women players, but it is not

required (EX: Teams can be 2 men, 2 women or 1 man/1 woman).

  • League will be in a doubles format and played as round robin play.
  • Matches are one (1) Two sets to 11 (win by 2 with a cap at 13). If teams split the two sets, a third set will be played to 7 using rally scoring (every point counts) to determine the winner of the match if time is permitting.  If there is no time left the match will end in a tie.
  • If matches are running long we reserve the right to give a 5 minute warning and go to rally scoring no matter what set the match is in.
  • USAPA rules are in effect unless otherwise mentioned below.
  • Each regular season match win will be counted in your overall season standings.
  • League Winner is determined by number of games won overall. If teams are tied at the end of the regular

season, overall point differential will be used to determine tie breaker.



  • Games will be self-officiated.  There will be a league coordinator on site if you have any rule questions, etc.
  • Each player will be asked to be honest in calling hits in or out.
  • If a player is found to be intentionally cheating consistently, their team will forfeit the game they are in and

the player may be asked to leave the league.

  • At the end of each match teams will document the scores on the pickleball scoresheet. Scoresheets should be

turned in to the league coordinator at the end of each night. Failure to document scores will result in a score of zero for

that game.



  • The League is here to provide fun and friendly competition for those who love the game.
  • Swearing, negative taunting, or poor sportsmanship at any time is not tolerated. If disrespect is found

between players and/or teams the offenders game will be forfeited and possible dismissal from the league.

  • All discipline is at the discretion of the league coordinator.