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Underdog Sports Leagues was started with a simple idea: provide laid back leagues for everyday players that are safe and fun. While Underdog never turns away real athletes or people who take sports seriously, most of our members are not superstars or blue chippers, but rather everyday Underdogs who want to play a game or two, meet some people, and go talk about the game afterward at the local watering hole.

Sports often can be viewed as a way of life, a religion, or a huge business enterprise, but at its core we at USL believe that for our players, sports should be enjoyable.  The “agony of defeat” is for athletes with sponsorships, not everyday players. If you are a person who plays sports with a laid back attitude, and realizes that even if that cool looking ref totally misses a call (rare) life will still go on - you sound like an Underdog and we welcome you to give Underdog a try.