New to Sportsmonkey

1. Find Your Fun

Just move to Houston or just want to meet new people? Get in the sport AND social game with Sportsmonkey! Sportsmonkey is a great and fun way for young professionals to socialize while staying active!


2. Choose Your Level of Competition

All of our leagues feature divisions which are defined by the skill level and intensity of the players. Registering for the proper division is extremely important. Being in the wrong division makes for a less enjoyable experience for all involved, as it generally results in a very uneven and lopsided level of play.

If you are uncertain of the division you should be playing in PLEASE choose the lower level. For example if you aren’t sure whether you should play Competitive or Intermediate, please choose Intermediate.


Recreational (Rec)

Just for FUN, little or no league experience.


Upper Recreational (UR)

Still just for FUN with a slight competitive edge


Intermediate (Int)

Athletic and/or has prior league experience


Upper Intermediate (UI)

Avid player with strong knowledge of the rules and gameplay


Competitive (Comp)

Very experienced/skilled players

*In all leagues, Sportsmonkey reserves the right to move teams to a division better suited for their level of play at any time during the season.*


3. Registering Made Easy


Individual (Free Agent)

Signing up as a free agent is a great way to meet tons of new people! Once you register we will place you together with other individuals that sign up to form a team or we will try to place you on an existing team. If you have more questions about the Free Agent process check out our FREE AGENT FAQ.


Small Group

Have a few friends that want to join but not enough to make a team? No problem! We will place you together to form a team with other small groups and/or free agents. Make sure to invite your friends to sign-up in your small group.


Full Team

Got some friends that are ready to show the competition what they got? Sign-up your full team and as captain you get to oversee your roster, invite players to teams and assign payments.


Team Player

If your captain as already formed you team, simply add yourself to your roster and pay any team fee that was assigned to you.


4. Wait for Details


Check Your Email

Once you complete your registration you will receive a confirmation email. If you are not receiving emails from Sportsmonkey please check your ‘Junk’ mail folder and mark any Sportsmonkey emails in there as ‘Not Junk’ and add us to your contacts list. If you are using Gmail, check your updates or promotions folder too.

If you have any questions you can email us at


League Schedules

We typically send out all schedules via email and post them on the website about one week before the league starts. This is all dependent on registrations and when a league fills. Individuals can expect to hear a couple days before the league starts about their team and the players on their team. It usually takes longer to get the individual teams put together.


5. Have Fun & Enjoy the League!


League Play

Show off your best skills every week and meet new people! Share your awesome times with us via our social media channels!


Post (or Pre) Game Happy Hours

Enjoy food AND adult beverage specials at your league specific sponsor bar (information sent out in pre-league email) with your teammates and even your competitors!


Play for Gold

Bring your A-game to the playoffs and you just might win our champion t-shirts and a gift card to the league sponsor bar (perfect for a little post-win celebration)!