Wiffleball Rules

1.     All batters will get a max of 5 pitches to put one ball in play.  3 swing/misses results in an out. You will pitch the ball to your own team.


2.     All games are seven innings or 55 minutes. During the regular season, if a game is tied at the end of regulation, it stays a tie. During playoffs, we will play until a winner is chosen using the one pitch rule with last batter starting at 2nd



3.     7 players (at least 2 females) in the field at all times.  Females must be placed in the infield or outfield, not catcher, unless team is playing more than 2 females.  SM rules will allow a team to play with a minimum of 4 players (at least 1 female). If a team plays short, they must take an OUT when the missing player(s) spot comes up to hit. During the regular season, teams are allowed to pick up subs to avoid a forfeit, however, no team can consist of any more than 3 players from another registered team.


  • Teams may bat more than 7 players; however, there can be only seven in the field at a time (at least 2 females). If a team starts with less than 7 players, then adds a player after the team has already gone through the order, the player may enter the game but will take an OUT, then be allowed to hit immediately.
  • teams may bat no more than 2 males in a row.


4.    There is a 6 run limit per inning up until the 4th inning unless the 4th inning is the last.  After that, unlimited runs may be scored. There is NO run rule.


5.     NO bunting is allowed!


6.     No leadoffs or stealing.  Runners can leave the base once the batter hits the ball.  If a runner leaves early, the ball is dead and the runner is declared out.  If this is the 3rd out of the inning, the batter will be first up in the next inning.


7.   Games start on time!!!  Teams must be prepared to play.  Forfeit Rule:  10 minutes after game time.  If one team has less than the minimum number of players (4 total w/ 1 female) at ten past the designated start time, it is up to the SM Staff and opposing team as to what is allowable.  The SM Staff member will ultimately make this decision.


8.   Please closely watch base runner to defensive player contact.  Any excessive contact or collision should result in an out and/or ejection.  This includes contact with the catcher.  Sliding is allowed. 




10.   A foul ball above the batter's head may be caught for an out.


11.   A runner will be called OUT and the play DEAD if the batted ball hits a runner in motion in fair play. All runners will return to their previous bases.


12. To stop play, hold the ball above your head and call "TIME OUT" and proceed to toss the ball to the pitcher.


13.   There is no home run rule as to the maximum number allowed per inning/game.  If a batter hits a ball over the fence, batter/runner(s) touch one base then proceed to the bench.  If batted ball rolls under the fence then a ground rule double will be called.