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General Information

Come and kick it in the best indoor soccer league in The Woodlands! Sportsmonkey 6-on-6 indoor short field soccer leagues provide a fun and competitive environment for you to show-off your soccer skills. All leagues are located at Legend’s Sports Complex in The Woodlands.

  • You can pay in full or do a $100 credit card deposit to reserve a team spot.
  • Full payment will be due the second week of the regular season.
  • Free Agents are always welcomed to sign-up. We do our best to place all individual signups, but it is not guaranteed. If we are unable to find you a team we will refund you the entire amount.
  • Team rosters/waivers must be submitted by week 3 of the regular season.
  • Co-ed: 6 players on field (max of 4 males on the field at a time).
  • 10 players on a roster is suggested but not mandatory.

What Does Registration Include?

The Woodlands Leagues:

  • Paid referee and scorekeeper
  • Prizes for league champions
  • Equipment
  • 6 weeks of regular season play (6 games)
  • 1-2 week of playoffs
  • Drink and food specials at our local sponsor bar
  • Team shirts are available for an extra fee. If interested please email

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